IT Nation 2018
Nov 7, 2018 9:00 AM
How to turn your business into an ATM printing cash!
About this event:

While telling a heart wrecking story about losing his largest client which was more than 85% of the company revenue, In losing this client Dave had to rebuild the whole company in the process while losing almost all of his staff! His speech focuses on the core human behavior of people and their basic requirements to work inside an organization. 

David Smith, CEO of TekScape, will walk you through his multi year strategy behind migrating from a 90/10 to 60/40 product to a recurring revenue model using cloud services. This session will cover finance, strategy, tools, and workforce incentives throughout an organization to make this shift throughout 4 years.

Learn about shifting to cloud services through the perspectives of:

  • You: As the owner/primary decision maker, what changes, preparations, and sacrifices will you need to make?
  • Engineering: Is your department ready to shift to cloud services?
  • Finance: Why are businesses trending toward recurring revenue and what changes will you need to make?
  • Sales and marketing: How do you sell cloud services in a way that is palatable to your buyer? What marketing tools can you use to enhance sales?